Delivered By
Pastor Mike Sanchez
Delivered On
March 31, 2019 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Acts 1:16-26
Acts of the Holy Spirity, the Unfinished Work of Jesus

The following is from Pastor Mike's Good Morning message in the bulletin:

Casting lots is quite Biblical. The word "lots" appears 70 times in the Old Testament and seven times in the New Testament. It was used by priests to separate the scapegoat from the one being sacrificed: Lev 16:8 "He is to cast lots for the two goats--one lot for the LORD and the other for the scapegoat." It was used to divide the promised land among the Israelites: Num 26:55 "Be sure that the land is distributed by lot." Several functions in the Temple were determined by lots: 1 Chron 24:5 "They divided them impartially by drawing lots, for there were officials of the sanctuary and officials of God among the descendants of both Eleazar and Ithamar."

The casting of lots wasn’t a practice of gambling, rather it was a manner in which the believers placed the decision into God’s hands. Today we don’t do it because we have corrupted the manner in which Old and New Testament believers practiced it.


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