Delivered By
Pastor Mike Sanchez
Delivered On
January 6, 2019 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
2 Peter 2:4-10
2 Peter

From Pastor Mike's Good Morning message in the bulletin:

Have you considered how many tests you take in this life? All through school, it seemed that there was one test after another. I know that when I finally got out of school I celebrated that I wouldn’t have to take any more tests.

The problem is that we are always taking tests. We take tests for driver’s licenses. We take tests for medical exams. It turns out that life is one long test after another. And, if you fail some of life’s tests, it can be deadly.

Not only that, it turns out that we take spiritual tests also. That’s how we get spiritually stronger. Spiritual tests are like going to the gym to build muscles. Spiritual tests build faith, spiritual endurance, and our relationship to God.

However, if we fail the most important spiritual test, it results in eternal judgement. That means that instead of spending eternity in God’s presence, we spend it in a place called hell. No one likes to talk about hell. In fact most people kind of ignore the reality of it. The sad truth is that, while God hates to send anyone to hell, people choose to go there. They choose to go there by failing the ultimate test. So that you won’t have to go there, I’ll give you the test question and the answer.

Question: Who do you say that Jesus is? Answer: He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God who came, was crucified, died, was buried, and rose again, that every man, woman, and child could be saved from their sins. Don’t fail the test.

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